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Comedy TV Series ALF (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 1987-09-21 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Steve Pepoon, Scott Spencer Gordon, directed by ,. Cast include Benji Gregory, Andrea Elson, Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, Paul Fusco, John LaMotta, Bob Denver. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.4/ 10.

Series info

“ALF is about the life of the Tanner family, which is thrown by the crash landing of a Außerirdschen named Gordon Shumway in their garage in a quiet alley. The one, renamed by the Tanners in ALF, short for alien life form Extraterrestrial provides with its nonchalant way his sarcastic humor always on the hustle and bustle. Moreover, it always comes back to complications because ALF before most other people who entered the home of the Tanners, must hide, because the family feared he would otherwise removed from the government. Nevertheless ALF learns throughout the series also many people outside the nuclear family Tanner know and includes some friendships.
 Main characters of Alf
 ALF (original voice Paul Fusco, German voice Tommi Piper) is a furry alien from the planet Melmac, who crashes his spaceship in the garage of the Tanners. His real name is Gordon Shumway is called but Willie Tanner ALF (alien life form). His favorite activity is eating, being particularly interested in the eating of cats.
 Willie Tanner (Max Wright) is a professional social worker and thus actually predestined to cope with ALF’s escapades. Nevertheless it to the aliens often drives to the brink of madness, but Willie is he never long gram and also often pleasantly surprised by it.
 Kate Tanner (Anne Schedeen) is Willie’s wife and worked temporarily as an estate agent, has a degree in art history and a soft spot for poetry. In ALF capers it reacts far less understanding than Willie.
 Brian Tanner (Benji Gregory) is Kate and Willie’s son and something like ALF’s best friend. The reason students often do not understand ALF’s jokes, but is always ready to help him. Also ALF stands Brian always to the side.
 Lynn Tanner (Andrea Elson), the teenage sister of Brian and initially very shy, what ALF would like to change. In turn, they often defended ALF against Kate and Willie.
 Trevor Ochmonek (John LaMotta) is the neighbor of the Tanners, has a kind of master’s degree, played in college football, was in the Korean War and is not exactly the most sensitive man under the sun.
 Raquel Ochmonek (Liz Sheridan) is Trevor’s wife and notoriously curious and talkative. In high school she was a cheerleader.
 Jake Ochmonek (Josh Blake) is Raquel and Trevor’s nephew, who lives with them, since his father went to prison. He becomes a best of ALF’s friends. In the field of mechanics him no one can pretend something.
 Neal Tanner (Jim J. Bullock) is Willie’s younger brother and lives temporarily in the Tanners when he is abandoned by his wife. Eventually he discovered ALF and makes friends with him.
 Dorothy Halligan (Anne Meara) is Kate’s widowed mother, who with ALF even more heated verbal duels supplies as Kate.
 Background information on Alf
 In ALF it was not a real alien, but usually to a hand puppet. Series co-creator and original voice ALF Paul Fusco was one of three puppeteers ALF awakened to life. In scenes where the furry aliens was complete to see a full-body costume was used in which the actor Mihaly ‘Michu’ Meszaros stuck. In contrast to the humorous plot of the series, the mood on the set, according to the actors was often poor because the consequences always required an extremely long time because of rotation of puppetry. In addition, a doll with ALF usually had the best lines of dialogue. Unlike most other sitcoms ALF has not been recorded before an audience because of the dolls problems. In the German Synchro by Siegfried Rabe German TV shows, and people were often used when seemed to unknown in the original Mentioned the German public. ALF’s German voice Tommi Piper, was during the first showing a true celebrity and even took on songs, which he sang as ALF. ALF’s German slogan ‘zero problemo’ also gained nationwide notoriety.”

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Episode Guide


Functioning My Back to You

air day: 1987-09-21

ALFis moved to the family members garage as an outcome of his troublesome habits.


Someplace Over the Rerun (a.k.a.) The Ballad of Gilligan’s Island

air day: 1987-09-28

ALFfantasizes he checks out “” Gilligan’s Island””, with castaways Gilligan, the Captain, the Teacher and also Mary Ann.


Have a look at Me Currently

air day: 1987-10-05

Mrs. Ochmonek assumes she’s freaked out when she identifies ALF in the yard.


Wedding celebration Bell Blues

air day: 1987-10-12

ALFsigns up with an abbey after discovering that his moms and dads were wed prior to he was birthed– a shame in the world Melmac.


Prime-time show

air day: 1987-10-19

The Tanners end up being a TV-ratings family members and also ALF determines to gear the system to ensure that his preferred program comes to be a hit.


Some Captivated Night

air day: 1987-10-26

ALFcomes to be the celebrity tourist attraction at the Tanners’ Halloween event.


Oh, Pretty Female

air day: 1987-11-02

ALFassists Lynn improve her confidence by registering her in an appeal contest.


Something’s Incorrect With Me

air day: 1987-11-09

ALFobtains an extreme situation of missteps after being left out from Dorothy and also Whizzer’s wedding celebration event.


Evening Train

air day: 1987-11-16

Willie and also ALF get on board a products train looking for journey.


Right Charming?

air day: 1987-11-23

ALFand also the Tanner children provide Willie and also Kate a 2nd honeymoon.


Hail storm to the Principal

air day: 1987-12-07

Kate fantasizes that she and also ALF are competing governmental prospects.


ALF’s Unique Xmas (1)

air day: 1987-12-14

ALFand also the Tanners prepare to invest Xmas in a cabin. When the proprietor involves see them, ALF accidently delves into his trunk and also he is required to a medical facility and also handed out as a Xmas present to a little woman.


ALF’s Unique Xmas (2)

air day: 1987-12-14

ALFaims to run away from the health center however winds up embeded a lift with a lady in labor. After aiding the female to deliver, ALF claims to be the cabin and also a plaything proprietor places him back in the trunk and also they repel. When the cabin proprietor will embark on a bridge, ALF disguises himself as Santa and also persuades the cabin proprietor to own back to the cabin, where ALF is rejoined with the Tanners.


The Young boy Next Door

air day: 1988-01-04

ALFbefriends the Ochmoneks’ hostile nephew, Jake.


Can I Obtain a Witness?

air day: 1988-01-11

ALFrequires a reasonable test after being charged of tossing a football with the Ochmoneks’ home window.


We’re So Sorry, Uncle Albert

air day: 1988-01-25

ALFthinks that he terrified Willie’s uncle to fatality.


A person to Monitor Me (1)

air day: 1988-02-08

ALFaids with the area block patrol and also winds up challenging a burglar in the Ochmoneks’ residence.


A person to Monitor Me (2)

air day: 1988-02-15

It depends on Willie to conserve ALF from the SWAT group bordering the Ochomonek residence, where ALF had actually been going after a burglar.


We Obtained ta Leave This Location

air day: 1988-02-22

ALFrelocates with his blind pal, Jody, and also finds out some vital lessons concerning life without view.


You Ain’t Nothin’ However a Dog Pet

air day: 1988-02-29

ALF, envious of the interest a roaming canine is obtaining, provides the pooch to a mean old female that declares to be the proprietor.


Struck Me With Your Best effort

air day: 1988-03-07

Willie deserts his idea in pacifism after fulfilling the aggressive papa of the bully that’s been pressing Brian around.


Movin’ Out

air day: 1988-03-14

Willie has issues aiming to offer your house due to the fact that ALF maintains frightening prospective purchasers with counterfeit ghosts.


I’m Your Creature

air day: 1988-03-21

ALF’s mail-order ventriloquist’s dummy handles a life of its very own, and also it takes a see from a psychoanalyst to heal him.



air day: 1988-03-28

Kate’s pal, a well-known enthusiast, sees ALF in the kitchen area and also assumes she’s visualizing.


We Are Family members

air day: 1988-05-02

ALFdaydreams that he exposes his presence to the globe and also functions as alternative host on David Letterman’s program.


University Drag

air day: 1988-05-09

ALFtakes a work as a paper provider when he finds out that the expense of his maintenance is protecting against Lynn from attending her first-choice university.

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