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Drama TV Series Bad Girls (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) was released in 2000-04-04 by ITV Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Victoria Alcock, Kika Mirylees, Helen Fraser, Linda Henry, Tracey Wilkinson, Victoria Bush, Gideon Turner, Denise Black. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.1/ 10.

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Tug of Love

air day: 2000-04-04

As the brand-new series opened up, we see Fenner in Helen’s workplace. He undoubtedly assumes that Helen had actually surrendered which he was the brand-new wing guv. Nikki sought Helen’s automobile to show up … it really did not. Zandra entered into work as well as was hurried to healthcare facility where she brought to life an infant kid. Helen lastly reached the jail, causing Jim being irritated that his desire for promo were again ruined. New warden Karen Betts began job – she as well as Jim have actually satisfied prior to it appears. Robin guaranteed to see Zandra at Larkhall in the future however after that took the child as well as left when medications were uncovered in Zandra’s cell. Zandra after that shed it as well as went to the jail roofing, endangering to embark on! Dominic conserved her from an unpleasant fatality though by virtually diminishing the roofing himself! Nikki informed Helen that she can not regulate her sensations for her however Helen still rejected she returns the sensations. Covering in some way obtained a cellphone smuggled in, called a number as well as claimed “” Can I speak with Mrs Fenner?””!


S * it Happens

air day: 2000-04-11

Helen neglected Nikki on her method to the wing. Yvonne’s other half sent her blossoms, which Hollamby placed on the radiator, after that taking fantastic satisfaction in offering Yvonne with the decaying arrangement. Zandra was reclaimed to the wing. Dockley proceeded her telephone call to Mrs Fenner and after that adjusted Jim right into looking Nikki Wade’s cell! Both Julies informed Jim that the washering was damaged; he claimed he would certainly check out it. Denny intended to get a birthday celebration card for her mom, Jessie, that was concerning see her on her birthday celebration. Yvonne asked the upkeep guy Josh to smuggle in some fancy knickers as he was available in to take care of the washering âEUR” they were virtually captured by Hollamby that, not thinking that Josh was really repairing the washering, stuck her head in it; obtaining a saturating for her difficulty! Jim browsed Nikki’s cell for the cellphone, believing she has it, and after that obtained assaulted by Nikki. This is the last lick, so Helen obtains Nikki shipped for making harmful phonecalls as well as for.


Visiting Time

air day: 2000-04-18

The cops reached Jim Fenner’s home as well as spoke with both him, as well as his spouse Marilyn concerning Shell Dockley, as well as Jim’s attack on her. Marilyn as well as Jim chose to remain with each other for the youngsters’s purpose however Jim convinced Marilyn to send out Shell a letter, stating that she had actually separated their marital relationship. Stubberfield informed Karen Betts that he desired her to take control of as wing guv after Helen’s separation. New Prison Officer, Di Barker, got here on the wing as well as feels like a good silent woman. Julie J found out that her youngsters are back in the UK as well as desired them to see. Bodybag took fantastic satisfaction by rejecting. Jim went back to the wing; he seized all the letters that he had actually sent out Shell âEUR” currently she had no proof versus him. He also informed her that he enjoys her – so she would certainly exist as well as inform Stubberfield that she comprised the accusations. She did as well as Stubberfield thought her. Denny’s mom, Jessie, really did not appear for the go to. The Julies brightened the stairways greater than was required âEUR” Sylvia dropped do.


Looking For Love

air day: 2000-04-25

Hollamby endured her loss as well as looked a photo in a neck support! She hammed it up by desiring a complete examination. Karen offered Jim all the dogsbody tasks. Josh aimed to obtain Crystal’s focus. Dominic came to be Shell’s brand-new individual police officer … Poor him! Denny was dispirited due to the fact that her mom really did not appear recently, however was better when Di informed her that that Jessie could not have actually come also if she intended to due to the fact that she had actually been torn down as well as remained in healthcare facility. Denny was after that enabled to go as well as see her, gone along with by Di. Jim intimidated to inform Stubberfield concerning his event with Karen a couple of years back, just to be placed in his location by Stubbberfield that informed that he currently understood! Zandra remained in continuous discomfort due to the medications. Denny located her mom had actually released herself as well as went to her hostel. At the hostel, she uncovered Jessie intoxicated. After a tirade of misuse from Jessie, Denny went back to Larkhall less than ever before. Covering appeared to be freaking. Karen chose to bring a team specialist in fo.


Mistaken Identity

air day: 2000-05-02

New prisoner Barbara Hunt got here on the wing … other than it had not been truly barbara. Because of a blend by Sylvia, it was really Mad Tessa Spall! The councillor, Meg Richards, got here to take the team treatment sessions. Zandra had a lot more extreme frustrations. Covering teased ‘Barbara’ as well as obtained greater than she planned on when she pinned her versus a wall surface. Nikki got a postcard from Helen. Yvonne offered Sylvia the concept of asserting payment for her neck injury. After obtaining Yvonne a personal going to area, Fenner accumulated his settlement later on that night at the golf links from Charlie’s golf caddy – unidentified to him, he was photographed! ‘Barbara’ (Mad Tessa) intimidated Karen with a syringe of HIV favorable blood – they have actually undoubtedly had a run in at the last jail Karen operated in! Dominic knew the identification mix-up as well as signaled the various other PO’s – Jim after that conserved Karen. Zandra fell down hurting! The genuine Barbara Hunt was brought into the wing.


Losing It

air day: 2000-05-09

Sylvia was drastically repremanded for her mix-up recently as well as, when she criticized her neck injury for being “” below average””, was placed on a workout regimen. Zandra was detected with reduced high blood pressure as well as dreadful vision after her fainting episode – was the Doctor right as well as did he care? Barbara exposed that she remained in jail for assisting her terminally sick other half to pass away as well as appeared unpleasant concerning sharing a space with a lesbian. Covering seemed additional shedding her peace of mind. Sylvia (as well as her shellsuit!) were poked fun at by everybody. Covering harassed Barbara right into obtaining a pen from art course and after that made her compose ‘Fenner is a rapist’ on the wall surface. Helen checked out Nikki, much to Sylvia’s shock. Nikki safeguarded Babs when Shell charged her of all the criminal damage. Karen uncovered that Sylvia’s neck had not been truly bad sufficient to need to use a neck-collar. Helen came to be head of the lifers device.


The Set-Up

air day: 2000-05-16

Karen notified the team of exactly what Helen’s brand-new task would certainly involve. Yvonne got a schedule from Charlie, showcasing the pictures of Jim, at the golf links, taking the cash. Zandra endured a fit as well as is required to the healthcare facility for examinations. Yvonne mobilized Fenner to her cell to reveal him the “” 4 advancements””;- Photos of him as well as Charlie with the cash. She educates him she desires from Larkhall, he had no choice however to abide. Yvonne desired the automobile that she would certainly remain in to be stood up for her to leave, however that isn’t really to be – Charlie was truly jailed prior to she left Larkhall – she left anyhow as well as aimed to leave from a bathroom home window heading to the ‘healthcare facility’ – Jim locked on to her concept when he checks out in a paper that Charlie has actually been jailed, as well as quit Yvonne getting away. Helen privately xeroxed Niki’s data.


Babes Behind Bars

air day: 2000-05-23

Dominic returned from his vacation. Covering informed Karen concerning her youth – both her moms and dads sexually abused her! She is after that stressed over her youngsters, that were sticking with her. Karen after that established a browse through for her with her mom Rita to make sure that she might go over the youngsters. Throughout the conference, the reality appeared as well as Rita fasted responsible Shell’s papa. She was informed that Shell’s youngsters would certainly be taken right into treatment. Yvonne dispersed smart phones to Denny as well as the 2 Julies – they established a sex conversation line, with Yvonne’s child Lauren’s aid. Dominic wass stunned to discover that Zandra had a deadly mind tumor – she required additional examinations to identify if it was operable or otherwise. Later on, Dr Nicholson unsympathetically informed her that it’s unusable which she had months to live! Dominic articulated his temper that the Dr was not doing anything to assist her which she need to be launched for her last months. Covering signed up with the Sex line strategy, currently called ‘Babes Behind Bars’, a lot to Yvonne’s inconvenience. On Crystal.


The Leaving

air day: 2000-05-30

The Julies saw Josh in the lawn as well as informed him why Crystal really did not appear. He was frustrated as well as, when he later on saw Crystal, offered her the ring he had actually gotten her as well as stomped off. Zandra fell down once again; Later, she asked Crystal to wish her. Covering located Babs’ journal as well as really did not such as the access concerning her that called her a âEUR˜Psychopath’. Dominic kissed Zandra, motivating her to claim “” At the very least among my desires came to life””. Covering swiped Babs’ journal as well as was estimating components of it to other individuals, a lot to Babs’ pain. Cells ready due to the fact that, then, Zandra endured a deadly seizure. The girls held a funeral for Zandra, throughout which, Crystal checked out a note that she had actually located from Zandra. Dominic got here half method through Zandra’s child, Robbie. Crystal had a lot more days contributed to her sentence after spewing at Dr Nicholson for not assisting Zandra sufficient. Baba went into Shell’s cell as well as required her journal back âEUR” when Shell declined as well as began teasing her late other half, Babs shed her t.


Family Plan

air day: 2000-06-06

Denny as well as brand-new prisoner Shaz appeared to be hopping on effectively. The 2 Julies hatched out a humorous, madcap strategy to obtain expecting. Karen wished to know precisely that it was that damaged Shell’s arm, no-one, consisting of Shell herself, grassed on Babs. Julie J had the concept of welcoming the guy, John, that she spoke with via ‘Babes Behind Bars’ to see her … after that she … emergency room … eased him under the table! He obtained extremely frustrated though when Julie went down the yoghurt pot, where she was gathering the sperm!!!!! Hardnut, Renee Williams got here – she undoubtedly understood Yvonne as well as they looked like bitter opponents. Denny as well as Shaz in some way ran away from their cell after secure as well as vandalised the bathrooms. no-one understood that it was them. Covering appeared envious of the moment Denny was currently investing with Shaz. The gear was for ‘Babes behind Bars’ after a phone was located! Renee informs Yvonne that she had had an event with ‘Her Chalie’ – Yvonne undoubtedly really did not beleive her till she discussed a mark that he had in an extremely priva.


Rough Justice

air day: 2000-06-13

Renee was still creating difficulty for the prisoners by harassing them. Shaz as well as Denny tempted Sylvia right into their cell and after that go out as well as pounded the door, securing her in. She after that needed to provide her secrets to allow her out – something that’s purely versus the regulations! A person was seen squashing nuts as well as placing them in the pepper pot. Denny placed some moldy bread right into Renee’s orange juice. Renee made use of the spiked pepper as well as was seen choking as well as finaly, dropping dead to the flooring! Helen took the very first lifers session. The cops meeting Shaz concerning the moldy bread … she confessed. After consuming on duty, Fenner left as well as went residence. Renne’s examinations revealed that she had actually passed away from an allergic reaction so Shaz was off the hook. Karen benched Sylvia to a standard police officer as well as anchored a months pay as a penalty for the secrets case. Yvonne was seen smirking in her cell – good one Yvonne! Karen visited Jim in your home as well as he informed her that Marilyn had actually left him as well as had actually taken the youngsters.


Facing Up

air day: 2000-06-20

Nikki faced Helen concerning her evening out with Dominic. Karen clarified that Sylvia as well as Jim are off job as well as clarified concerning Jim’s scenario to the various other team. Jim later on showed up for job, much to Di as well as Karen’s shock. Helen had a conference with Shaz to see just how she’s dealing however Shaz was extremely flippant concerning the murders that she had actually devoted âEUR” due to this, Helen had the concept of making her satisfy the household of among individuals she had actually eliminated. Dominic guaranteed Di that there was absolutely nothing taking place in between him as well as Helen. Jim chose not to assist Di when the prisoners began choosing not to enter into their cells, a lot to Di’s inconvenience. Dominic went round to Helen’s level as well as listened to a telephone call in between her as well as Nikki âEUR” he guaranteed not to claim anything. Nikki had actually listened to Dominic’s voice at Helen’s so it additionally supported her concept that Helen was seeing him! Jim apologised to Di for his earlier practices. After the conference with Mrs Foster (The widow of one of the individuals she had actually eliminated), Shaz.


Oh What a Night

air day: 2000-07-04

In the last episode of series 2, it was the evening prior to Sylvia’s 30 th wedding celebration anniversary as well as she’s having a huge event at the jail. Sylvia promptly included Karen’s name to her visitor checklist. Guidelines are damaged due to the fact that the 2 Julies as well as Shell are to be waitresses at the event! They hatched out a strategy to obtain alcohol âEUR” they concealed plastic bags down their âEUR˜trakkie bases’. Crystal scheduled for launch later on that day however was postponed as a result of a transportation trouble. Nikki used the registered nurse ₤ 3,000to assist her getaway âEUR” the registered nurse approved as well as brought a safety pass to Nikki’s cell later on that evening as well as informed her that there was a registered nurse’s attire in a storage locker. All the screws went to the event so were out the wing. Crystal was still waiting on the transportation from the jail to be prepared so Di used her a favorite in the workplace while she waited. When she was alone âEUR” she looked at Sylvia’s existing from the team âEUR” a carriage clock. The girls slid âEUR˜speed’ right into Sylvia’s beverage, making her high. Nikki took care of to pass.

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