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Action, Comedy, Drama TV Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 1-4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 2000-09-26 by The WB Television Network Channel. Serial was created by David Solomon, David Grossman, directed by Marti Noxon, David Fury. Cast include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, Kristine Sutherland, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart Head, Rudolf Martin, Faith Abrahams. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.2/ 10.

Series info

The 5th season of the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on September 26, 2000 on The WB Tv Network and also ended its 22- episode season on May 22,2001 It preserved its previous timeslot, broadcasting Tuesdays at 8: 00 pm ET. This was the last season to air on The WB prior to it relocated to UPN; The WB billed the season 5 ending as the “The WB series ending”.

Visit Buffy and her friends from high school in California Sunnydale. There, unfortunately, is the gate to hell, the Hellmouth. It is teeming with undead monsters and demons and all nose long threatened the apocalypse. The adults in the village know nothing and keep Buffy because of their frequent involvement in never enlightened but clear cases of destruction of school property or buildings for a troublemaker. Only the librarian Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) is aware of Buffy’s unusual call to Hunter through which it has the ability to fight vampires and demons. Giles supported Buffy and her guardian, a dual function as a mentor and coach.

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Episode Guide


Buffyvs. Dracula

air day: 2000-09-26

Giles informs Willow that he’s preparing to return to England because he’s really feeling much less after that crucial to the operate in Sunnydale. Dracula ends up to have powers over and also past the vampire standard such as the capability to become a haze and afterwards re-appear, and also the capability to become a bat. The gang commences investigating Dracula. Dracula brows through Buffy throughout the evening and also consumes alcohol a few of her blood however leaves her active and also under his sexy spell. Xander faces Dracula and drops under his power and also brings Buffy to him. Dracula insurance claims Buffy’s power originates from bad and also welcomes her to eat him. She does however conquers his mind control. She has the ability to kill him as he re-appears from a haze however he maintains re-appearing and also Buffy maintains slaying. Ultimately he surrenders. Buffy informs Giles of Dracula’s remarks concerning her power stemming from bad and also her very own sensations of searching vampires as opposed to slaying as a task. G


Genuine Me

air day: 2000-10-03

Buffy’s little sibling advances her sight on the slayer and also her close friends and also really feels only ridicule for every one of them aside from Xander. When Buffy grumbles concerning having to take her institution buying when she is intended to be educating with Giles, dawn really feels in the means. While on patrol, Buffy leaves Dawn with a sitter, Xander and also Anya, however she inadvertently welcomes Consistency right into the home which Buffy does not reply to kindly. Consistency abducts Dawn to attract Buffy right into a catch and also Buffy is required to conserve her sibling, customarily.


The Substitute

air day: 2000-10-10

Are 2 Xanders truly far better compared to one? We discover when a devil looking for the Slayer inadvertently strikes Xander with his tool, splitting him in 2; one with all the favorable facets of his individuality, the various other with all the adverse. While each of them attempt to persuade the Scooby Gang that the various other is a devil, Buffy should discover the actual devil to place the Xanders back with each other.


From My Mind

air day: 2000-10-17

Riley remains in negative form because of the medications pumped right into him by Prof. Walsh from the Campaign. An unique federal government physician should operate Riley prior to his body could not sustain his heart price of150 Riley, nevertheless, is doing whatever he could to prevent the clinical therapy. It could be since he is terrified of exactly what the physician could do to him, or he could simply not intend to be a regular male once again. It depends on Buffy to obtain Riley to the operating space on schedule, which naturally she does, however somebody else enters the means. Spike’s strategy is to require the physician to eliminate the chip from his mind, for that reason releasing him for slayer murder.


No Location Like Residence

air day: 2000-10-24

Buffy’s mom continuouslies be unwell and also the medical professionals cannot find out why. Buffy locates an unusual orb while on patrol and also later on the guard that directed it bent on her programs up in the medical facility obviously insane. Buffy presumes that there’s a mythological factor behind her mom’s disease and also enters into a spell-induced hypnotic trance offered by Willow which exposes Dawn fading in and also out of truth.


Family members

air day: 2000-11-07

Tara’s ready to commemorate her 20 th birthday celebration. Her household gets here however not to commemorate the celebration. They have actually pertained to take her residence prior to she becomes a wicked devil much like her mom did at the exact same age. When Splendor sends out some Lei-Ach satanic forces to deal with the Slayer, Tara accidentally aids the satanic forces towards their objective by casting a spell to maintain her close friends from seeing the devil inside her. When the gang have a battle the resulting team of unnoticeable satanic forces, Tara raises the spell in order to help them and also they discover her key. Willow attempts to quit her from entrusting her household, however Tara is persuaded of exactly what her papa states concerning her. Spike ends the disagreement by punching Tara in the face and afterwards flinching from the discomfort, showing that she is a human.


Fool for Love

air day: 2000-11-14

When a vampire spikes Buffy with her very own risk, she intends to discover exactly how her precursors have actually shed in fight. Due to Giles’ absence of details on the end of the worlds of previous Killers she looks to the just individual she recognizes that has actually eliminated 2: Spike. For money, he not just information why his targets shed their fights, however his individual background as a vampire. Joyce’s problem worsens and also she has to invest the evening at the medical facility.



air day: 2000-11-21

Riley is seeking Buffy at her home, however all he locates is Spike in her space scenting her coat. Spike educates Riley of Buffy’s mother’s disease and also scrubs it in his face that Buffy informed the vampire concerning it prior to her very own guy. Riley mosts likely to the medical facility, and also Buffy offers him plenty to do, like caring for Dawn and also patrolling, however exactly what Riley truly desires is to deal withBuffy He winds up taking Dawn to a theme park where they discuss a couple of points. Regardless of her excellent objectives, Dawn makes Riley seem like he’s unsatisfactory for Buffy which he cannot as compare to Angel. In the future in the episode he really feels also better far from being close to Buffy, and also he goes and also obtains himself attacked by a vamp slut. Buffy attempts to quit her once again, however she’s no suit for the woman in


Hearing Anxiety

air day: 2000-11-28

The Summers ladies go to the medical facility when the physician educates Joyce she’ll have surgical treatment in 2 days. The remainder of the gang go vampire slaying. A psychological individual that has actually been launched from the medical facility is going through the woodland when an animal assaults him. At the medical facility, the animal climbs up along the ceiling, unnoticed. Buffy and also Joyce talk the physician right into allowing Joyce go residence till her procedure. The gang locates the area of the collision and also the remains of the launched medical facility individual. While everybody else mosts likely to discover assistance, Riley calls Graham. He later on recommends the armed forces policemans that respond to the get in touch with how you can manage the scenario.

At the medical facility, the psychological individuals are struck by the devil. Buffy’s mother continuouslies act oddly and also state points she does not keep in mind. Dawn is harmed when Joyce calls her a “point,” however Buffy conveniences her and also informs her to


Into the Woods

air day: 2000-12-19

At the medical facility, the Scooby Gang waits for information from the physician concerning Joyce’s surgical treatment and also they are all soothed when the surgical treatment is a success. Dawn invests the evening with Xander and also Anya. With the home to themselves, Buffy and also Riley invest an enchanting night with each other. In the center of the evening, Riley creeps out with the home window and also Spike follows him right into an old structure.



air day: 2001-01-09

Giles goes off to England to talk with the council concerning Splendor. At the same time, Anya and also the gang have the tendency to the magic store. While trying a brand-new spell to help Buffy with her slaying, Willow is sidetracked by her and also Anya’s consistent squabble and also inadvertently raises a giant. Really Anya transformed the man right into a giant 1000 years earlier when he discarded her and also she was after that used the possibility to end up being a revenge devil. The huge, foolish man walks around shattering points with his hammer till the gang has the ability to quit him and also send him off to troll land.



air day: 2001-01-23

A group from the Watchers Council appear in Sunnydale with some details on that or exactly what Splendor is. Prior to they enable Buffy the information nevertheless, they desire her to pass a series of physical and also mental examinations. They also interview her really worried gang of close friends. Splendor turns up at Buffy’s home and also has a conversation with her concerning the Trick and also Buffy fanatics and also takes Dawn and also Joyce to Spike to make sure that he could safeguard them. After being struck by a team of human Knights that assert they will certainly send out a military to beat her if she continuouslies safeguard the Trick, Buffy determines she’s had sufficient and also the Watchers will certainly need to play her means. Buffy puts down the legislation and also the Watchers disclose and also concur to her what Splendor is. Not a god however a devil.


Blood Ties

air day: 2001-02-06

Buffyultimately informs her close friends concerning Dawn being the Trick and also they begin acting unusual around Dawn, which brings about her looking for solutions. She recognizes that insane individuals understand exactly what she is, so she mosts likely to the psychological ward at the medical facility. While she exists, she faces Ben. Ben fanatics when she informs him she is the vital and also informs her to escape quickly, however prior to she obtains a possibility to obtain far from him, he becomes Splendor.



air day: 2001-02-13

Buffynotifications that Dawn is investing a great deal of time around Spike and also assumes that she has a crush on him, which Dawn rejects claiming that Spike has a crush onBuffy


I Was Made to Love You

air day: 2001-02-20

Buffyis mad concerning Spike falling for her as opposed to a good, excellent kid that she might date. Spike turns up at the exact same celebration as Buffy, and also he obtains thrown away a home window by an unusual woman that has actually been roaming around seeking a person called Warren. The entire slaying group concur that the woman is a robotic as a result of the means she acts. Buffy visits the woman’s intended guy, Warren and also figures out that Warren made the woman, April, to be the best partner. April assumes just of Warren and also commits her whole presence to earning him delighted. The only issue is that Warren does not desire her any longer, he has actually succumbed to a genuine woman and also has actually been fleing from the robotic.


The Body

air day: 2001-02-27

After discovering Joyce subconscious on the sofa, a horrified slayer telephone calls911 The paramedics inform Buffy that her mother had actually been dead for some time currently. We see Dawn at institution for the very first time, and also she’s simply overcoming the freakout she had after learning she was the secret. Reports were spread out and also Dawn was harmed by them, however she really feels much better after discussing it with a good kid in her art course. Buffy disrupts this discussion though to inform her sibling the trouble. Every person is ravaged by this disaster and also they invest the episode grieving, and also taking care of their discomfort in all kind of means. Xander strikes with a wall surface while Willow adjustments her attire continually. They are undoubtedly really shocked, particularly because they were all so close with Buffy and also her household. Also Anya loses her initial human rips.



air day: 2001-04-17

After taking care of the discomfort of Joyce’s funeral service, Buffy falls under the arms of Angel that has actually originated from LA to pay his areas, and also he consoles her on the future and also concerning obtaining her and also Dawn’s lives back with each other. Dawn comes to be obsessed on making use of witchcraft to reanimate her mom and also regardless of her finest objectives, Willow in fact aids her towards her objective. Dawn collects info for an effective spell and also gets Spike in order to help her total the job. He takes her to a witch physician that offers Dawn some recommendations and also caution. After accumulating the last active ingredient Dawn executes the spell. Willow advises Buffy concerning Dawn and also she faces her. Dawn weeps that she has no one, Buffy has actually been pressing her away because Joyce passed away and also hasn’t already also sobbed. Buffy informs her that when whatever mores than her mom will certainly be genuinely gone, and also she cannot encounter that. Somebody methods the door and also knocks and also Buffy hurries to allow Joyce in, however Dawn, becoming aware that she was incorrect, breaks the spell. Buffy opens up the door t



air day: 2001-04-24

Buffyand also Giles leave for the desert on a self-discovery/guidance pursuit led by the Very firstSlayer While they are gone, Spike chooses to have a little enjoyable with his BuffyBot however the gang blunders it for the actual Buffy and also assume that she has actually gone bananas.


Challenging Love

air day: 2001-05-01

While Buffy attempts to regulate a motherless Dawn and also bring their lives back to some kind of normality, Tara is caught by Splendor that is frantically looking for the Trick.



air day: 2001-05-08

Buffy, Willow, Tara, and also Dawn almost retreat from Splendor when Splendor’s struck by a vehicle. Buffy and also the Scoobies leave Sunnydale in Spike’s Recreational Vehicle to range from Splendor, as Buffy understands they’ll never ever defeat Splendor.


The Weight of the Globe

air day: 2001-05-15

The Slayer in Buffy is comatose because of Splendor’s kidnapping of Dawn so Willow psychically enters her mind. Willow experiences a technicality in Buffy’s mind and also sees a number of replays of Buffy’s childhood years when she initially sees her sibling; and also of Buffy as she is currently surrounding Dawn to fatality. Buffy’s shame over Dawn being abducted ultimately verified to her that she is no suit for Splendor and also she thinks she eliminated Dawn herself. At the same time, Splendor vents her irritations concerning being stuck in the world to Dawn and also is starting to really feel actual human feelings as the obstacle dividing her and also Ben’s minds comes to be weak. She and also Ben battle in a complex changing to and fro disagreement as he attempts to aid Dawn. Ultimately, Ben is the one to offer Dawn away to Splendor, understanding that it is his life or hers. Spike, Xander and also Giles are delegated attempt to find out how you can weaken Splendor’s strategies, however the choices do not look excellent. Buffy could need to wind up picking in between eliminating her very own sibling or allowing the globe be


The Present

air day: 2001-05-22

One more brewing armageddon is at hand in Sunnydale. Buffy has to contest versus a real God when Splendor prepares to utilize Dawn to damage down the wall surfaces in between the measurements and also release all Heck on Planet however she requires Dawn’s blood prior to her residence measurement website could be opened up. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Anya, Tara and also Spike most likely to fight with the expertise that they could not all make it through.

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