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Comedy TV Series Seinfeld (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 1994-09-22 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Bill Masters, Andy Ackerman, directed by Andy Ackerman. Cast include Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Liz Sheridan, Heidi Swedberg, Buck Showalter, Wayne Knight. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Season 6 of Seinfeld, an American funny tv series developed by Jerry Seinfeld and also Larry David, started broadcasting on September 22, 1994, and also ended on May 18, 1995, on NBC. Season 6 put initially in the Nielsen rankings over Home Improvement and also Emergency Room.

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air day: 1994-09-22

Jerryobtains a day with Miss Rhode Island, a Miss America entrant; when they require a surveillant Kramer is readily available. On the day, Kramer offers her recommendations and also becomes her individual train. Elaine attempts to obtain a work at Doubleday, completing the footwears when filled up by Jackie Onassis; rather she obtains a work being the individual aide of a magnate that suches as white socks. Meanwhile, George makes a decision that the Yankees should alter their attires from polyester to cotton.


TheBig Salad

air day: 1994-09-29

Elaine’s manager desires an unique mechanical pencil, so Elaine attempts to obtain one from a fixed shop where the staff has a point for her. George and also his partner grab a “big salad” for Elaine, that his partner provides to Elaine and also she many thanks her. Later, George mentions that he purchased the “big salad.” Jerry finds that his existing partner when dated Newman, that broke short his partnership with her. Kramer plays golf with an ex-ball gamer that damages a regulation of golf, they have a battle, and also later on the sphere gamer is desired for examining in the murder of a completely dry cleaner, where a golf tee was entailed. Kramer later on aids him escape the authorities in a white FordBronco


ThePledge Drive

air day: 1994-10-06

Jerryremarks that a good friend was appealing him and also Elaine looks for out if just what held true, yet obtains the voice of the lady and also her existing guy perplexed. Elaine’s manager consumes his Snickers bar with a blade and also fork and also concept that quickly captures on. George believes a waitress offered him the finger. Jerry obtains captured discarding a thanks card. Jerry pays some old birthday celebration checks from his grandma. Jerry’s functioning a PBS promise drive and also obtains George to bring a Yankee to show up with him, while en-route to the workshop, somebody offers George the finger.


TheChinese Woman

air day: 1994-10-13

Jerryand also Elaine see George’s dad with a male with a cape yet do not greet. Jerry finds a Chinese lady on George’s phone line after the cords obtain gone across and also he obtains a day with her. Kramer obtains concerned regarding his sperm matter, so he mosts likely to a fertility facility and after that makes an adjustment in his option of underwears. Elaine damages her good friend Noreen’s most recent love with a lengthy talker. The Chinese lady ends up being Jewish and also from LongIsland Estelle obtains recommendations regarding her partnership with Frank from the Chinese lady, yet price cuts it when she satisfies her. When his moms and dad’s different, George’s life is made unpleasant.



air day: 1994-10-27

Elainestarts to this day the person that provides Jerry’s brand-new sofa. Kramer prepares to begin the pizza organisation he considered back in “Male Unbonding” withPoppie George signs up with a publication club, yet attempts to rent out the flick so he could bluff his means via the conference. Jerry and also Elaine’s conversation of the abortion problem triggers difficulty for Poppie, Elaine’s partnership & &Jerry’s brand-new sofa. George invests the night with the family members that has actually rented out the movie.



air day: 1994-11-03

If he quits dating a Romanian Olympic gymnast,Georgeand also Kramer encourage Jerry he’ll be missing out on out on something. Jerry and also Kramer learn about among George’s restroom behaviors. Kramer should pass a kidney rock. The mom of George’s partner sees him consume something from a garbage can, later on cleansing a windscreen & & among his restroom behaviors. Elaine’s manager ends up being stressed with locating the picture in a 3-D paint, so he sends her to represent him in a substantial merging bargain.



air day: 1994-11-10

Elainebrings over a male she fulfilled in England and also he ends up being an actual bounder. Jerry approves an Armani match from a ridiculous comic, the only problem, he should treat him to a dish at a dining establishment; nevertheless, just what composes a dish. George opts for a stroll with a waitress from Monk’s and also manure in the course summarize his partnership with her. After his kidney rock, Kramer makes a decision to consume just fresh foods.


TheMom & & Pop Store

air day: 1994-11-17

A salesperson persuades George to get an exchangeable when had by “Jon Voight.” Kramer attempts to conserve a tiny shoe-repair organisation, yet his excellent objectives impact Jerry in a huge means. Elaine wins tickets forMr Pitt, that’s constantly intended to take part in the Macy’s Thanksgiving DayParade



air day: 1994-12-08

Jerrychallenges his completely dry cleaner, which he found using a coat that he generated for cleansing. George overlooks employing an eye-catching assistant for a much less appealing one, he believes he’ll have the ability to obtain some job done; nevertheless, the assistant’s performance transforms him on, so he obtains her a raising and after that she makes greater than he does. Kramer obtains Uma Thurman’s telephone number and also markets Bania his match at a females’s clothes shop after that he conceals in a clothing space till he could obtain some clothes. At this exact same shop, Elaine shops an outfit, yet is disappointed with the dimension of the mirrors in the shop.



air day: 1994-12-15

Throughhis existing partner, Lois, Jerry satisfies an old opponent, that thinks that he ripped off in a secondary school race and also he desires a rematch with Jerry to confirm he was quicker. Elaine is placed on a “blacklist” for Chinese food distribution and also figures out her guy is aCommunist George reacts to a classified ad in a Communist paper while at the office, when Steinbrenner reads about it, he intends to see George in his workplace. Through his good friend Mickey, Kramer ends up being an outlet store Santa, that later on spouts out Communist publicity.



air day: 1995-01-05

Elaineallows a possible company obtainMr Pitt’s tennis noise, yet the injury endured could spoil her opportunities, particularly when she should obtain his noise back. Jerry’s partner never ever giggles, yet he satisfies her roomie that does, so Jerry chooses he would love to make “the switch.” George’s version partner could be bulimic. He requires evidence, so he satisfies Kramer’s mom, that’s a restroom matron. While there he figures out Kramer’s given name,Cosmo Kramer chooses it is time to be himself and also starts to utilize his given name. George has the ideal prepare for “the switch,” a menage a trois.


TheLabel Maker

air day: 1995-01-19

Elaineand also Jerry are questionable of a good friend’s present, when a present Elaine offered him, a tag manufacturer, is offered to Jerry in return for some Superbowl tickets Jerry has yet cannot make use of since “The Drake” is obtaining wed on Superbowl Sunday and also he remains in the wedding celebration event. George persuades his partner to obtain her male roomie to vacate, that he quickly is sorry for. Kramer takes playing a video game of Risk versus Newman seriously. The Superbowl tickets travel through numerous hands and also Jerry sees the video game with his worst headache.



air day: 1995-01-26

Georgesatisfies an old good friend that’s invested the last couple of months going through radiation treatment, that everybody understood other than him. Kramer calls a litterbug “a pig” near a police officer that’s on a pursuit to capture a long time auto parking ticket criminal. Kramer wishing to alter his picture, asks Elaine where her old guy obtained his glasses. He visits him at a publication finalizing and also claims hi for Elaine, that implies that she has actually shed the “upper hand” in their break up, so she challenges him and after that gets back at by obtaining a duplicate of his glasses. George figures out from Gary, that he existed regarding his cancer cells and also has actually been benefiting from Jerry’s compassion. Kramer finds the identification of “the scofflaw.” George obtains a toupee.


Highlightsof a Hundred (Part1)

air day: 1995-02-02

Jerrypresents a program that reveals highlights from the initial 99 episodes of a”show about nothing.”


Highlightsof a Hundred (Part2)

air day: 1995-02-02

Jerrypresents a program that reveals highlights from the initial 99 episodes of a”show about nothing.”



air day: 1995-02-09

Elaineattempts to transform a gay male to heterosexuality. George, that’s currently using his toupee, finds that the lady Kramer has actually established him up with, is hairless. Kramer offers a homeless male some Chinese food and also starts standing in authorities schedules for $50a schedule. Jerry starts to this day a police officer, yet she desires him to take a lie detector examination, she believes he is existing regarding NOT enjoying MelrosePlace


TheKiss Hello

air day: 1995-02-16

Elaine’s good friend, a physiotherapist, which Jerry need to “kiss hello,” has an old design hairstyle, that Jerry and also Elaine desire Kramer to talk about. Jerry’s grandma desires him to open up a catsup container and also she narrates regarding some loan that Uncle Leo was meant to offer his sibling. Jerry’s dad fears to gather the cash and also passion Leo owes. Kramer places lessee images up in the entrance hall and also quickly Jerry is offering every lady in the structure, the “kiss hello”; nevertheless, when he quits, he ends up being undesirable. George obtains his arm considered, misses out on a subsequent visit and also should spend for that browse through. The specialist avoids her people, consisting of George, and also goes snowboarding withElaine After their journey, she goes down Elaine off 3 blocks from her home. Elaine harms her shoulder bring her devices house, and also cannot obtain any kind of corresponding therapy. Jerry obtains evidence of his uncle’s deceit.



air day: 1995-02-23

Theconcierge inMr Pitt’s structure, reason’s difficulty for Jerry that was just aiming to behave. Kramer burglarizes George on the road for some German vacationers. George’s dad is dealing with him when he eliminates his t shirt, George and also Kramer see that he has busts. So, Kramer establishes a brand-new underwear for men (“The Bro”or “The Manssiere”) that will certainly ease this trouble. Jerry uses his stained sofa to change the one that was taken while he was”on duty.”



air day: 1995-03-16

Thepeople play a video game of basketball with “the Jimmy,” a male that speaks about himself in the 3rd individual. Jimmy markets weird designed training footwears and also George is an interested capitalist. Fresh from the health club, he participates in a Yankees conference regarding burglaries, throughout which he sweats a lot. Jerry mosts likely to the oral workplace and also finds they currently lug Penthouse in the waiting space. Elaine obtains tickets to an advantage for the AMCA (AbleMentally Challenged Adults) showcasing Mel Torme, the “Velvet Fog.” Elaine attempts to satisfy a good-looking person at the health club, yet rather chats with “the Jimmy,” that makes the day for himself. On a follow-up browse through to the oral workplace, Jerry really feels the dental expert and also his hygienist could have endured a dream throughout his time in the chair, the sort of point you could check out inPenthouse Kramer has a check out to the dental expert total with Novocain, later on while using a set of Jimmy’s footwears, end up obtaining a him a seat at the major table of the advantage.



air day: 1995-04-06

When he discovers out he was consuming pecans that were simply in his partner’s mouth,Jerryis revolted. George discovers a doodle that his partner attracted of him. Kramer is consuming some delicious peaches that are available in season for 2 weeks annually. Fleas pressure Jerry and also his seeing moms and dads out his home. Elaine has a meeting with an author that has collection of spaces at an expensive resort which is where Jerry moms and dads reach remain. Jerry remains with his partner. Elaine should enter into Jerry’s fumigated home to obtain an unpublished manuscript that she is meant to check out for her meeting and also she cannot locate it, yet Kramer review it in Jerry’s home and also the gas triggers him to shed his taste. George figures out that his partner actually does not care just what he appears like. Jerry finds out that Newman offered him the fleas. Meanwhile, Jerry’s moms and dads, Uncle Leo and also Nana live high on the hog at the resort.


TheFusilli Jerry

air day: 1995-04-27

Estelleis obtaining an eye task. Kramer obtains his brand-new certificate plates from the DMV, yet home plates claim “ASSMAN.” Jerry is interrupted when he figures out his auto mechanic utilized his “move” on Elaine while making love to her. Kramer makes a sculpture of Jerry from fusilli pasta and also he maximizes his brand-new certificate plates. Jerry challenges his auto mechanic and also later on needs his solutions. Frank ends up being the unintended target of among those “freak” mishaps proctologists are constantly informing tales around.


TheDiplomat’s Club

air day: 1995-05-04

Afterhis fast journey to Ithaca, Jerry prepares to satisfy an incredibly version at an airport terminal club, yet his aide, Katie, makes the journey a headache. Elaine claims she will certainly stop helpingMr Pitt, yet figures out that she’s mosting likely to remain in his will. When he overdoses his medicine, She ends up being a suspect. George attempts to confirm to his manager that he is not a racist, when he claims his manager appears like “Sugar” RayLeonard To confirm it, he looks for any individual that’s black that will certainly be his good friend. While at the flight terminal club, Kramer satisfies an abundant Texan with which he begins making wagers. Kramer hasn’t already wagered in 3 years when he starts to shed, he contacts Newman for support.


TheFace Painter

air day: 1995-05-11

Georgeand also his partner talk about toilet tissue and also he remains in love. Elaine’s guy paints his face and also his actions at a hockey video game, disrupts Jerry, Elaine and also a passing clergyman. An ape tosses a banana peel at Kramer, when he tosses it back, the ape ends up being clinically depressed and also the zoo requires an apology. George attempts to inform his partner that he enjoys her, yet her response shocks him. Jerry chooses not to offer the “necessary” follow-up politeness thanks for the hockey tickets and also Kramer is furious.



air day: 1995-05-18

Georgeand also Jerry are presumed, by the actors and also Kramer, of intentionally hurting Bette Midler throughout a softball video game, offering Jerry’s partner, Bette’s understudy, an opportunity to do. Kramer ends up being Bette’s individual aide. When she thinks that her manicurist has actually made some evident snide comments in an international tongue, Elaine obtains George’s dad to equate for her. While weeping regarding shedding her manicurists, Elaine satisfies the proprietor of a directory, J. Peterman, and also obtains herself a brand-new task.

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